Friday, June 09, 2006

Self Portrait #1

Oil on Canvas, 2006

Self Portrait #2

Oil on Canvas, 2006

Installation View - 26 Degrees

Self Portraits #1 & #2 @ 26 Degrees June 2006

Artist's Statement

This body of work is based on identity, as a female artist working in the 21st Century. I have manipulated time by executing a self portrait wearing a Victorian Gothic dress , and using Biblical references within my Symbolism. My use of period costume is a means of escapism back to a time I strongly relate to visually; Victorian Gothic, rather than contemporary dress within contemporary society. The dress is a metaphor for femininity and gothic tendencies within my character and personal taste. The repressiveness of the female dress of the Victorian period symbolises in these paintings the repressiveness of post-modern society on women. I invented the poses within these images to represent specific emotions that I feel and wish to express, such as inward thought from the perspective of a young female painter, and the struggle to succeed within a male dominated ( Art ) world. My handling of black on the surface of the canvas is influenced by Caravaggio’s use of black as a means to conceal and enhance a sense of mystery, gloom, and the gothic to the subject. Self exploration, self discovery and truth are fundamental to my painting practice.